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The Ordination of Priests for Christ the Good Shepherd Church, Australia

“The treasure of the Spirit is delivered into his hands to dispense, and it is his part wisely to provide for his fellows.” – St. Narsai, Homilies on the Church & the Priesthood, 5th cent.

Nov. 13th 2022, The first Sunday of the Sanctification of the Church: The ordination of two Deacons to the Priesthood conducted by the laying-of-hand by His Grace Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, marked a memorable and joyous occasion for Wakeley’s Saints Shimun Bar Sabbae and the Holy Virgin Mary Church community. Deacons Daniel Kochou and Giorgis Giorgis of the State of New South Wales were called upon by God’s mercy into the life and rank of Holy Apostolic Priesthood. The ordination commenced 9:00 am +AEST and was live-streamed to the church and faithful worldwide. The day commenced at dawn with early morning prayers and devotion followed by the ceremony itself which consisted of the Divine Liturgy and the ordination ritual. At the conclusion of the Holy Gospel reading, the Bishop summoned the candidates to be brought forth in order to declare their oaths of office in front of the faithful. The candidates were then taken by the hand to ascend into the Holy Chancel (Qanke) whereupon the Bishop and Priests would officiate the rites of ordering.

In His congratulatory speech, His Grace Bishop Mar Mari, expressed His utmost gratitude first and foremost to the Lord, declaring His personal satisfaction and joy in having gained these two Priests for the church. As a mark of honour, the newly ordained Priests were invited to give a short speech as well as being instructed by the Bishop to administer the Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist the Body and Blood of Christ to church faithful during Liturgy.

After the sealing of the Liturgy, a procession consisting of His Grace the Bishop, four Priests, and some twenty Deacons and sub-Deacons was made to the church hall wherein a large gathering of faithful received them with good cheer. Families spent the day indoors and outdoors fraternising and bonding in the joy of Christian fellowship and unity in God.

Father Daniel and Father Giorgis have a combined span of service of twenty years as Deacons. They have actively worked in various ministries beginning with weekly church services to fund-raising, retreats, and youth events. When asked prior about their being elected for the office of Priesthood, they remarked: “we are unworthy servants of the Lord Jesus, but may His will be done in us, and for His church, Amen”. Both newly ordained Priests congratulate their Bishop His Grace Mar Mari Emmanuel and the church on this occasion and are both eager and ready to serve the community.

His Grace, Bishop Mar Mari, has expressed joy and thanks to Christ the Lord through the petition of the Saints, and has conveyed personal congratulatory wishes and blessings to both Priests’ families.

The joyous day was captured on camera and all content can be viewed here: Christ The Good Shepherd Church Youtube

or by visiting the church’s Facebook page: Christ The Good Shepherd Church Facebook

For any other information, or if you wish to meet Father Daniel and Father Giorgis, please contact us.

The Grace of Jesus Christ, the love of God the Father and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us all, Amen.