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Feast of Hosanna-Palm Sunday Liturgy – Sunday 9th April 2023

“All the church chant Hosanna,

The Son of God Hosanna,

With sweet voices Hosanna,

Joining the children who praised in Jerusalem;

Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest.”

Together with an eager and pious faithful observing the Palm Sunday Feast, His Grace Bishop Mar Mari and all clergy conducted the Assyrian service Hosanna procession as well as the first-ever English procession during Sunday Liturgy.

The Hosanna-Palm Sunday procession has been a tradition in the Church since early times and has been observed by Aramaic-speaking Christians ever since the Apostolic age. The tradition commemorates the triumphant entry of our Lord into Jerusalem and therefore, His ultimate gift to all humanity: salvation through the Cross.

The processions commenced after the sermon and consist of a group or body of children; clergymen wielding the Holy Cross, the Censer, the Evangeliary (Gospel); followed by the laity who each embrace olive branches & candles to the Aramaic hymn: ‘Hosanna in the highest.’

After completing a full circuit, Liturgy resumed, and the faithful took to their seats to receive the homily which was dedicated to Jesus’ triumphant entry, Holy Passion week, and moreover, the faithful are reminded to keep the Passover Feast – the “very first Liturgy, and mother-of-all Liturgies” as the Bishop explained.

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His Grace, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, Reverend Priests, Deacons as well as Monks & Nuns, wish you and your families a blessed & prosperous Palm Sunday and Holy Passion week in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom be all glory, forevermore, Amen.