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The Holy Feast of Resurrection – 16th & 17th April 2023

Christ is risen!

Scores of families attended the 2023 Holy Resurrection Feast services consecrated by His Grace Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and Reverend Father Sargon. Vigil prayers were conducted on the eve of Resurrection at 4:00pm followed by Divine Liturgy commencing at 6:00pm.

Chairs were setup both outside in the Church foyer aswell as the hall itself to cater for the large numbers in attendance. Following from the homily, the three services – eve, morning, and English – hosted the chanting of traditional anthems & hymns aswell the procession which wielded the Holy Cross, the Censer, the Evangelerium, and the faithful who embraced the olive branch & candle.

All three services were live-streamed and can be accessed here:

His Grace, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, Reverend Priests, Deacons aswell as Monks & Nuns, wish you and your families a blessed Feast of Resurrection in the name of the risen Lord Jesus Christ, to Whom be all glory forevermore, Amen.