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The Good Shepherd Youth Ministry kicks off…

The first Spiritual Youth meeting kicked-off Saturday 22nd April on Church grounds at Sts. Simon and Mary Church. Themed: the Way, the Truth, and the Life, the session commenced with prayer & welcoming, introductions, a message from the Bishop, information on agenda & goals, followed by a brief question & answer session.

All in attendance engaged in discussion by delving into the modern issues impacting youth, aswell as exploring the role of the Church in community, ministry structure & committee work ethic.

After question & answer, the group were invited outside for short fellowship and a BBQ where more informal discussions took place. During fellowship, the Youth engaged in private discussions where the Bishop highlighted the “unprecedented issues” Youth everywhere are having to face.

This first-of-many gatherings was intended to provide a scope into planning aswell commence building the platform. Member feedback will be utilised to form committees which will later sustain the ministry itself.

His Grace the Bishop, Reverend Priests, Deacons, Clergy and Church Committees, extend their congratulations to all in attendance and pray the Lord guides and directs them into establishing this program whose aim is to edify the Church.

To enquire, or to become a member of the Good Shepherd Youth Ministry, please visit: