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The Holy Resurrection Feast 2024

The Holy Resurrection Feast of Jesus Christ our Lord – 5th May

“Christ is risen, Truly He is risen!”

On Sunday May 5th, the Holy Church and faithful community flocked to Liturgy in order to celebrate the Holy Resurrection Feast of our Lord & Saviour.

After 50-days of fasting, hundreds poured in to supplicate, offer their prayers and give thanks on this, the most important day on the Liturgical calendar. The Holy Church offered Divine Liturgy, festive procession, aswell as the observance of the narrative of the ‘Angel & Titus the thief’

The Liturgy this year was consecrated by Fr. Sargon (Aramaic), and Fr. Daniel (English) and also received a special overseas telegram from His Grace, our Bishop, Mar Mari Emmanuel in Jerusalem, who bestowed his paternal blessings upon Christians.

We thank local businesses for their kind donations, including children’s toys, which were distributed at the end of Mass to youngsters.

His Grace Bishop Mar Mari, Priests, Deacons, Nuns, and Church committees of Christ the Good Shepherd Church take this opportunity to wish all Christians a blessed Feast of Resurrection and Week of Weeks. – Christ is risen!