OneJesus International Conference (OJIC) - 2025

Our faithful, we welcome you to the One Jesus International Conference, a ministry offering internationals & locals the exclusive opportunity to experience fellowship with Christ the Good Shepherd Church Australia.

Since we have in recent years received many requests from sincere faithful believers all-round the world desiring to grow closer to the Lord, aswell as to experience our Church ministries in person, we now seek to fulfil the desires of many to this spiritual calling.

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a Church conference which caters to both Church members and visitors, international and local; those seeking to draw closer to Christ through our Church fellowship.

Our 5-day conference program provides accommodation, food, liturgy, prayer, lectures, travel, a tour of country & city, and provides materials during the course of the event.

A sample of the OJIC program includes:

Divine Liturgy;
Spiritual, religious, cultural lectures
Contemplative prayer service;
Educational films & seminars;
Volunteering in Church ministries;
Spiritual touring & retreat

If you are an international visitor, please consider time, stay and costs prior to booking. If you are visiting from Australia, costs will vary according to your needs.

For more information, please email our team at, or to register for the upcoming conference, you may click on the following link below.

Yours in Christ,
The OJIC Committee